Fedt Extreme NLGI 2, Patron 397g

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Quicksilver Extreme Grease is a formulated for high‑temperature and

high‑load applications.

• Calcium sulfonate‑based NLGI 2 grease

• Meets GC‑LB requirements

• Excellent rust and corrosion protection

• Formulated for high‑temperature and high load applications

• 100% compatible with lithium‑based greases


• Quicksilver Engine Coupler Spline Grease part number 92‑802869Q1

• Quicksilver U‑Joint & Gimbal Bearing Lubricant part numbers

92‑802870Q1 and 92‑802871Q1

• Quicksilver Anti‑Corrosion Grease part number 92‑802867Q1

For use in the following applications for automobiles, light trucks,

campers, marine engines, utility trailers, ATV/UTVs, motorcycles and


• Steering systems/cable linkages

• Throttle and shift cables and linkages

• Drive shaft splines

• Gimbal bearings

• U‑Joints

• Suspension systems

• Chassis

• Ball joints

• Disc brakes and ABS applications

• Trailer wheel bearings

See the Non‑Marine Application Grease Chart for more information.