FIERYRED elektrisk spil

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3500 lbs / 1550 kg. spil.

10 meter 5.3 mm. wire, vægt 9 kg.

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  • Monstrous Winching Power: A 1.5 HP motor, a 2-stage planetary gear system and a permanent magnet motor guarantee reliable pulling muscle against any harsh conditions and ensure faster line speed under load.
  • Intrepid From Inside: Equipped with a gear reduction ratio of 153:1 and a differential planetary gear train, this ATV/UTV winch is born with stronger pulling capacity.
  • Dual Remote Control: This wireless winch comes with the dual remote control mode, including 25 meters of wireless control, and features an upgraded steel wire rope that is more than 10 times stronger than traditional ones.
  • Ultimate Protection: Rainproof construction, matte black textured finish and sealed engine guarantee intrepid resistance against harsh environment, moisture and corrosion and ensures trust-worthiness and long last functionality.